Considering a visit?

It’s our pleasure and privilege to warmly welcome you into our community as an honored guest.  Our desire is for you to connect with others and to encounter the living God through engaging Christian formation opportunities for all ages, thoughtful prayer, sincere worship, and faithful teaching.  Please join us following worship for hospitality and refreshments!

  • Welcome

    Welcome to Westminster!

    The Church, including Westminster, is people. Not a building, or an event, or a denomination, or anything else, but people - imperfect, broken, called, forgiven, redeemed, empowered, sent, centered in the One -Jesus - who has saved us, and is continually saving us. You, like all people, are made in the image of God, and nothing, not even a pandemic, can separate you from the love of God that is revealed in Jesus Christ.

    Westminster is a welcoming place not because we’re super nice (although many are), but because we, too, have been welcomed, forgiven, and touched by God. It’s our pleasure and our honor to welcome you, and it's our desire for you to come to know the life-changing good news about Jesus Christ!

    Our purpose is to elevate Jesus, empower people to know and follow him, and embody his love. Come join us on this adventure!


    You may wear whatever you like.  You will see a few ties but most people prefer to dress more casually, wearing anything from shorts to khakis, from jeans to skirts. We believe God is much more concerned with our hearts than our outward appearance.


    Just come as you are.  You will never be singled out or called upon during your visit.  We encourage our guests to stop by our Welcome Center to receive a special gift and more info about Westminster.


    We believe that children and families have an important place in the Body of Christ. Families are encouraged to participate in worship. For children ages 0 to 5 we have a staffed nursery with trained volunteers in CPR/First Aid, who love the Lord and look forward to serving young families. Children older than 5 are encouraged to grab a "worship activity bag" (which are filled with coloring and brain enriching activities) and sit with their parents/guardians during service. Each worship service before the gospel message is preached, a children's message is delivered specifically to communicate the message in an age appropriate way. Come and experience our family-friendly worship service!


    Our worship is neither “contemporary” nor “traditional” because God, not style, is our object. Worship isn't entertainment, or a religious "product"; it is our seeking to be vibrantly aware and responsive to God's presence and Word.  We sing old and new, but in a fresh and approachable way. We draw on current expressions of faith, as well as ancient prayers and creeds. We believe that worship is for all generations, together.


    Sunday mornings at Westminster:  

    We worship together at 10am on Sundays. And, you can livestream our services via our website! As always, we post our services here on our website every Sunday afternoon. (And, it's immediately available on our YouTube channel.)

    Worship Service - 10:00am

    We meet at 1012 Sioux San Drive, directly across the street from West Middle School. You can park in our lot, or on Sioux San Drive.

    Office Hours:

    Monday - Thursday 9:00am -3:00pm We are closed on Fridays, Federal holidays, snow days (as declared for Rapid City Schools).

    Office landline: 605-343-2164 or Office cell: 605-415-8751 (answered during office hours).