To access your My Westminster (or CCB for short) account please visit:                             

Q: What is My Westminster?

A: My Westminster is an online community specially designed and used by our congregation. You may also hear it refereed to as CCB.

Through this online tool you can access and update your personal information, find a Small Group, view the church calendar, give, and stay connected. The following link is for a short overview video of CCB that you may find helpful.

The log in page on My Westminster will prompt you via email to request a username and password. Once the office receives your email they  will then contact you with a username and password.

This program makes it easier for our staff and for you to stay in touch with other members of our community.  This system allows you to interact safely online and allows you to control your own privacy settings.  Please consider using this powerful tool as way to stay connected.

  Contact our Office Manager, Lisa Beck at Office: 605-343-2164 or Cell: 605.415.8751 if you need assistance.

CCB how to videos

This video will give you a general overview of My Westminster (CCB) and is great for any person, a part of your church, to watch.

Q: How do I make a contribution to the church using My Westminster (CCB)?

Q: How do I setup a recurring contribution?

A: If these are your questions and you want to give to your church online this is the video for you!


To download our app, search for “Rapid City Westminster” in Google Play or the App Store. It’s free and very easy to use! In the app, you can watch services, read the weekly bulletin and announcements, and communicate with the WPC groups you participate in. You can also easily give through the app.