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A Wilderness Adventure Ministry

Registration is underway for both the Westminster High School backpacking trip from August. 5th - 9th, 2019. and the

YoungLife backpacking trip from July 22nd -26th, 2019. Please click on either "Westminster High School Backpacking Registration" OR "YoungLife Backpacking Registration" and the registration form will be downloaded to your computer.  Please make sure you have chosen the correct form for your trip.

Westminster High School Backpacking Registration


       Westminster Backcountry's Mission

What We Will Do:

With trained guides, we aim to experience God through wilderness adventure in the backcountry of South Dakota, Wyoming, and Colorado.

What We Believe:

Throughout history, God has used the wilderness as a special place for transformation. The Biblical text indicates that God's strategy for developing mission-focused leaders has often involved transforming wilderness experiences. This is an integral part of Gods design for apprenticeship. Yet today in our increasingly urbanized world young people are less able to experience the wilderness. In developing strategies today for recruiting, training, sending and sustaining young leaders as cross cultural or local youth-workers who can effectively introduce the young to Jesus Christ, we must re-emphasize this ancient apprenticing method which produced leaders such as Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Moses, Ruth, Jacob, David, Peter, James, John and Paul. Each of them were profoundly called and shaped by God in the wilderness.

Who are these trips for?

Backcountry trips typically involve a multi-day, adventure-packed journey through beautiful scenery. With the distractions of modern life left behind, each person will be stretched to new personal limits, experience the wonders of God's creation, and develop deeper friendships.

No backpacking experience is required, but it is beneficial to be in moderate shape. Our vision is to facilitate trips for various groups within the church. Our long range vision is also as an outreach to the community.

Why Wilderness Ministry?

Truth must be put into practice if it is going to transform our lives. Outdoor and adventure experiences provide an incredible opportunity to help us make the real-life connection from knowing truth to living truth. The end isn't adventure. It is simply a means to the much more important end of knowing Jesus Christ and experiencing the best adventure of all: following Him in all aspects of our lives!